Why use Apps Doer?

We Build Apps Fast Why wait on a developer to take 3-6 months on building an app when we can build it in a week!

Support Apple & Android Platform We will have your apps publish to Apple IOS Store and Android Google Play Store.

Keep Your Business Connected Your content. Your brand. Your message. Expand the way you reach your readers with constant connectivity.

Map Display google map with multiple locations.

Form Provides a way for application users to contact you by email.

Notes Allows users to write and save notes inside the app.

Calculator Predefine a JavaScript formula.

Check-in Allows to mark user’s presence in a preset geographical location

Facebook Displays a mobile Facebook web page.

Image List Take photos and email them without leaving the app.

Calendar Allows users to create events with different categories and presents them in month, day and list/agenda views.

Favorites List of pages that users marked as their favorite.

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